Sleep Well

Our approach to the bedrooms is based soundly on a maxim often forgotten by hotels: that a night’s sleep is only as good as the bed itself.

So we source only the best beds and it's no coincidence that our visitors’ books are full of requests for their details.

Our bedrooms are about melting into one of the books that lie around the building, listening to a Radio 4 play on the Roberts radio or staring out to the hills which surround us.


What you will see in our rooms are those Roberts Radios, fresh flowers, home-made biscuits, toiletries from Bramley Products, local art and photography and warm, Welsh blankets.  What you won't see are televisions or UHT milk cartons.

Breakfast in the library.  A cooked Borders Breakfast, smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, fruit from the kitchen garden and apple juice from the Usk Valley. 

The Sunday Sleepover

So popular, we should trademark it. Includes Sunday lunch, supper, your room and breakfast on Monday. What could be better than kicking back after Sunday lunch and watching everyone else retreat to the Sunday night blues. From £280 while the Winter Escape is in place and a little more at other times.  Available throughout the year.



Choose a room

We will one day post photographs so that you can choose which room best suits your needs (Room 1 is above and Room 3 bottom left).

All rooms have en suite bathrooms and showers.  Do remember that we are a pub at heart and close to a main road.  Some rooms are less quiet than others.  Please do ask when booking if you are yearning for peace. 

Room 1 Better Double *
Looking over lane to fields. With a wide bed (5'6'').  

Room 2 Smaller Double
Usually a quieter room with a 5' bed.

Room 3 Better Double *
A large room with a huge bed (6') but less quiet than other rooms.

Room 4 Smaller Double
Looking over lanes to fields. 5' bed.

Room 5 Good Double/Twin
Over car park towards mountains. Good wide bed (6').  Bathroom faces farmland.

Room 6 Good Double/Twin *
Over car park towards mountains.  Good wide bed (6').

Room 7 Good Double/Twin
Over car park towards mountains.  Good wide bed (6').
 Room 8 Best Double *
Top floor.  Over lane to fields.  Good wide bed (5' 6'').

* Signifies space for camp beds.

2024 Rates

We offer year round, 3 course supper + B&B rates (DB&B). The only thing we ask is that guests are on the same type of rate during their stay.

Room 1 £222.50 £310
Room 2 £182.50 £270
Room 3  £222.50 £310
Room 4 £182.50 £270
Rooms 5, 6 & 7 £202.50 £290
Room 8 £282.50 £370

We run seasonal 2+ night sleepover offers, with supper included, in the Spring and in September.  For more, click across to our Latest page.

When the clocks go back to GMT, we run our Winter Escape, from £225 per couple for Dinner B&B, outside of Fridays and Saturdays and when the schools break up.

Other things you might need to know...

For information about our welcome for small children and dogs, single occupancy, booking for nearby weddings and our cancellation policy, please do visit our Cots and Dogs page.

To enquire about availability, click here.  If we're lucky enough to be full, we can point you towards other options in the area such as Cwmbach Lodge, a lovely family run B&B or, nearer to us, Argoed Barns

"A warm building that pulls you in, envelopes you in a big cuddle and sends you to bed with a smile on your face." Cardiff Life The Waitrose Good Food Guide Sawdays iescape IWC
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